College Week Five – Client Practice 

Week 5 at college was actually Half Term week. I decided this time round I was going to try and drum up some willing clients to practice on.

As well as this blog site, I also have my own business site   

Its still in its infancy but I love having somewhere to direct clients local in my area.

It was through there and my facebook page that I advertised a special £5 offer!

So many people have commented that my price was far too low, but for me at the moment it isn’t about profit. I’m lucky that my college provider is replenishing all products for me, so my only ‘outgoings’ would be fuel and costs to cover sterilising of tools.

This time round my course is so much more intensive and we are requied to complete 20 case studies for each medium, those case studies also need to be of Salon standard and within the allocated time scale!…

While i’m lucky to have completed a Level 2 course all that guarantees is that I know what I’m doing and I’m skilled enough not to cause nail damage but, I still need to get my time up & more then anything I love doing nails. 

I did get one willing client and that was blogger Tara from Face The Fun 

So off I went to complete a set of natural nail tips with a clear overlay. It was nice to catch up with Tara again, I’d not seen her since she came in to be my pedicure model on my previous course. 


So here is my finished set. 💅 I love how they have turned out, I’m really loving the natural nail look it’s definitely the route I think I’ll specialise in.

I do love ‘trend’ nails though but I would love for people to see there is much more the ‘fake nails’ then the traditional ‘fake’ look.

Another area I want to specialise in is looking at helping cancer patients, both current & in recovery. Tara introduced me to an amazing brand which I think will be perfect, Little Ondine The brand is water based, peal able & non-toxic, so also great for any little clients I may get.

So that’s another week down, next week it’s back to class 💅


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