College November round up. Liquid & Powder Application.

I’ve decided to change things up how I write about college for last month. We’ve spent the whole month doing basic application & infills, so technical wise is been about practicing & not learning. So no hints or tips to pass on.

Although this course is the next level up I don’t feel as yet I’ve learnt anything new – aside from feeling I’ve cracked the reverse method. Although we haven’t been taught reverse smile lines yet, but we still have gel to come so it may be covered when we do them.

So onto a breakdown of my weeks

Week One

Tonight we were set up into pairs and given our task for the evening. A full set in 2 hours!!

As I’d managed to do a client in the half-term week I let my class mate go first. We are now partners for the next 4 weeks to allow us to complete a set each & learn/complete an infill.

What’s nice about this time round is helping out abit. This course has jumped straight into full sets where as my previous course broke it down in steps – First Class. Prepping brushes & practicing ball ratios Second Class. Setting up of work areas (including little tips like keeping your brush covered to avoid file dust getting in it) prepping of nails & blending tips (which included filing out wells, a good skill to have when coming across clients with little nail beds) & smile line application. Third Class. Completing the Application & finishing techniques.

Although it may sound stretched out & prolonged to some people the knowledge & understanding gained from having each step broken down has been invaluable.

As my class mate was having a little trouble I recommended she practice ball ratios. I’ve read this is something most technicians do on arrival to their workstation anyway. Either by just practicing ball ratios on tissue or on tips it’s almost the equivalent to a warm up at the gym. Not just a routine for trainees!

As it was me having a set done I have no pictures I’m afraid, but I do have something for you if you are a trainee or even a seasoned nail tech, practice sheets!

I found these amazing ones on the Tammy Taylor Website.

Check these fab beauties out!

They come in PDF format for you print and laminate, click here to go straight to the page but I also highly recommend checking out the rest of Tammy Taylor’s website!

Week Two

This was my turn for a full set, nothing much to write & as I’ve just made you read all the above I’ll skip straight to pictures 😀

I adore how these turned out, it helps my client has gorgeous nail beds, but overall I love the natural look of them. That was one thing that wasn’t mentioned in class though & that’s to file the natural nail right down, if not & you aren’t putting a white or coloured acrylic over the tip, the real, natural nail will be noticeable & no one wants that…

Week Three

It was back to me being a model and tonight was infills. The task was to complete a whole set start to finish in one evening. I felt bad for the class as lifting is always inevitable when starting out and in order to blend the growth an awful lot of filing is involved. When you start learning how much damage a file can do to the natural nail you become even more cautious of what you are doing. I remember doing my first infill last year and basically spending the whole three hours filing away most of the acrylic, the lifting was so bad! At the time it wasn’t great for my confidence but looking back it was kind of a good thing as I got to learn properly how to file and blend away the lifted product and blend what was left all without any damage to the natural nail.

The other good thing about tonight was seeing how good my set had held up. My classmates nails looked like they had been freshly applied! I was so chuffed.

Week Four

Tonight was my chance to do an infill. Although I have a handful of clients it’s very rare I get the chance to do an infill, I think a lot of that is because my prices are so cheap. I know the saying ‘Nice nails aren’t cheap and cheap nails aren’t nice’ but I still feel I need to charge under the profit line due to my lack of experience, I’d feel I was cheating clients by charging full rates.

That’s not too say in the future I won’t and my aim is to provide clients with a premium knowledgable service. I want the kind of client who is serious about their nail health or who has problems they wish to have solved. There are so many salons around me, I want a niche that makes me different, plus the mother Theresa in me just really wants to help…

Anyway back to my evening, I’m so proud there was barely any lifting, I’ve been troubling myself thinking the reason why I was constantly doing full sets was because they weren’t lasting, my classmate is also training to be a hairdresser so it isn’t like she has the easiest of days, I guess now is the time to up my level of being a nail tech & understand why it’s happening?…

Here is my set both before & after 😀💅

So there we have it, my November round up.

There was one other thing that happened on my last evening and that the receiving of my nail art kit!! 


I’m so looking forward to using it, but because I’ve made you sit and read all this, I’m going to divulge its contents in another post 💅

Thanks for reading x


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