Resolutions, accomplishments, goals!

It’s that time of year again when we start making resolutions so I thought I’d share with you some of mine 😀

I’ve decided though I’m not calling them resolutions I’m calling them goals!

Getting personal 

The start of 2015 for me was being in a place of unknown territory, but looking back it’s been the best thing that has ever happened too me. It really is true when they say you will never grow staying in the same place and wow! What a year I’ve had moving on from a familiar setting after spending 9 years in it!

My top achievement has been qualifying as a nail technician 💅 I’m so proud to have an official qualification to my name 😊 and now I’m back getting my level 3 I can’t wait to expand on my learning! Just recently an amazing Twitter friend put me in touch with an American nail magazine which has resulted in me being offered to become a student blogger for them. Although that opportunity may still have existed I doubt I’d have been so eager to take it before having gone through this years major personal growth and development! 🤗

The second has been my driving experiences. I’m a little country girl I’d barely driven 10 miles from where I live except this year! I’ve driven twice to Manchester and my most proud moment not only driving to London but through it on my own!! Yes I lived in that much of a bubble lol!

Thirdly it’s been my ability to adapt to situations, for this I thank my childhood as an army kid. I’d forgotten I could do this. It’s been years since I had to partake in job interviews, for a start I hate CV’s! I’m too sincere to write a load of self impressionistic lies. So to rely on that alone was quite demotivating but then I got in contact with an agency and there I was in my element. It’s much better to get across who you are as a person in person and as a result after a ‘getting back into the work scene’ with a job at the NHS I’ve now found a great job with an amazing bunch of people 😄  I used to be quite shy & cautious with new people but this year I’ve thrown caution to the wind, got myself out there & spoke, smiled & laughed with whoever came my way. 

Having gone through all that & more this year alone I’m so so excited for 2016! 🍾🎉

Resolutions and Goals!

I started with this list then realised I had more I wanted to achieve this year, so these are my starting goals! 

Mostly nail related but a few personal. I’m on a cleansing mission this year so I’m starting with the sugar detox. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in sweets/cake/chocolate over this festive season! I actually can’t wait till January 1st to start it my body is crying out for it.  

 I’m going slightly extreme for it as my detox excludes the majority of naturally occurring sugar & all foods with added! But it’s only for 21 days and I’m most definitely in need of it!  

Next up is a Gel Colour course. Having a manicure & pedicure qualification means I can perform Gel Colour treatments but I always think it’s best to learn how the product works so in a few weeks time I’ll be signing up for the OPI course!💅 Really I should have done this months ago & have learnt the hard way as this month I’ve had to turn clients away because I don’t offer Gel. The good thing out of it is I’ve found my Facebook page has been a good source for business, swings & roundabouts as they say lol!

I’m then onto purchasing the ultimate collection for a fan of pink! The OPI first release of 2016 is the Hello Kitty collection.  

 I’m dying to get my hands on this & it’ll be my first collection of Gel Colour – which reminds me, I must complete my registration with OPI (something else to add to my goals!)

When that’s done its Salon time! I know Gel Polish will be the number one client request so when training is done there is nothing stopping me from getting out there!

Sticking with nail related goals is of course getting my level 3 diploma I’m most looking forward to the E-File training & airbrushing but I’m keen to learn sculpting too which takes me to my next goal… Competitions!! I really want to go national this year & compete on a bigger scale, I loved the one I did earlier this year but I’m on a mission to push myself so getting into the big leagues is next!

A few other things nail wise is getting back into practicing & increasing my nail art skills, more regular blogging & most of all individually thanking each and every follower & comment made. I’m extremely grateful to anyone who takes an interest in what I say or do, so if you are reading this then thank you 😘

Lastly some personal goals. Making more time for friends & family, they’ve helped me so much this year through the highs & lows that now things are settled I can properly give my time to them. I’m really looking forward to walks on the beach & evenings filled with tea 😊

The opposite scale of that is getting rid of the negative.

I stopped reading the papers over a year ago & the only news I watch is the headlines in the morning with Eamon Holmes. It becomes so depressing and with me I get so angry & frustrated that people can be how they are with each other, I literally can not process how that much hate can exsist in a person… Papers too used to be a place of knowledge but now I find they are no better then gossip ‘rags’ and articles by mindless journalists, I like facts not opinions. And having studied the history of WWI & WWII I’m fully enlightened with the ways of propaganda… Anyway on a lighter note, £3.50 a week is a lot to spend on buying papers, a Magpie Glitter is £3.95 & I know what I’d rather spend my money on 😜  
I have a great friend who’s motto is ‘Be Positive’ and it’s become my new mantra. I try & be positive around those who are down, everyone has off days but constant negativity & drama Phew!… No thank you. 

That finally puts me to toxic situations & people, this quote perfectly sums it up…

I’ve been on a special journey this year & found out so much about myself that I’m finally ready to fully let go of the remainder little things I keep holding on too. I’ve so much to look forward too and aside from learning a lesson no good ever came from looking back…

So I’m done! Thank you so so much if you are still reading this, again – if I blogged more often I’m sure there would be less essays written! Lol

I’d love to know of your year and how it’s been for you, your plans for 2016 & things you’d like to change/learn. 

I hope you all have a safe & merry New Year & I wish you nothing but the best for 2016, make it your best year yet!! 



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