College December Round up 💅

A short month lesson wise as we only had 3 evenings before breaking up for Christmas 🎄

Week 1

My usual partner for this evening was ill unfortunely and so I was paired with another classmate to complete an infill.

My regrets for this evening is not taking a before picture. I’m quite privileged in that I have one years training under my belt so of the two hands offered I got the one with a chipped thumbnail and with a slightly thicker then accepted liquid & powder overlay. It meant really drawing on what I’d learn to give my classmate lovely nails again.

First was filing. All the nails had to be debulked and the lifted areas removed. I felt quite bad as it would have been easier to soak them off – although at the same time it was a good lesson on knowing when to cut your losses, soak off & start again….I didn’t, more so because I very rarely get to do an infil, so wanted to prove I could perform one without causing nail damage or the dreaded ‘rings of fire’

What I was left with was just the French tip – FYI, I hate these, I much prefer creating my own white smile line & you really need a client with a good length to start with otherwise it doesn’t look good covering half the nail 🙈

It was then onto mending the chip at the corner of my classmates thumb nail and that involved a form. I hadn’t used these since my competition but a little help from my tutor it was on and ready to go. The finished result was the best I’d ever done & I was so please there was no tell tell sign between where my application ended the French tip started!

The remainder of the evening was completing the infill, I was hoping to do some nail art, but as the majority of the time had been takin up with debulking & removing the lifted areas – as I said a soak off would have been quicker – I’d ran out of time. But here is my finished result. 
I’m not a fan if I’m honest, but I have to accept I started with someone else’s work. Thankfully in the professional environment I would be able to start from scratch but for the purposes of training it was a good evening! 

Week 2 

This was an exciting lesson as we recieved more gifts, this time in the form of the NSI professional UV Hard Gel kit!

I so happy to have recieved this kit to practice with. I’m not entirely convinced by the liquid & powder brand we use & I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it once my course is over, EZ Flow is still my favourite. I’ve heard great things about NSI so I’m thrilled to be practicing with it.

As my partner was back I gave her the opportunity to try the kit first but first I wanted to check her nails out! 

She lost one tip, which she was so annoyed about as she knew it was her fault, bless her, but the rest looked fab considering it was just a top coat! No lifting, no shading, just lovely & natural 😊

So aside from me getting to know my way round the NSI products and getting my nails done, that was it another evening complete.

Week 3

Our last lesson of the month and my chance to finally try the NSI Gel kit! In terms of finish I adore gel but its removal procedure pains me. I hate the filing & buffing just because one lapsed moment could do some minor, or if you’re really unlucky major nail damage.

For this evening I put all that behind me and just concentrated on the application technique. The only time I’ve done Gel has been while training so it was nice to try it out again, the saying is true too about if something doesn’t click the first time go away do something else then come back to it. It absolutely clicked this time! 

My Gel nails during my level 2 training were just plain awful, no apex’s & terrible smile lines, tonight’s were sooo much better then anything I’d accomplished previously. I was determined too to try and prefect my smile lines so while everyone else did overlays out came my white gel!

I’ll admit I was cautious, I literally did my classmates left hand a finger at a time. Every finger was tipped upside down to use gravity to assist with an apex but it worked. By the time I got to the right hand I had just under an hour to complete it and I’m so proud that not only did I do that but it looked better then the left! To help I did flash cure every finger once I was happy with how it looked but I’m still so chuffed I accomplished my best set yet!

So that’s my December round up done. The new year at college is going to be my toughest yet. All my assignments are now due to be completed, assessments & exams are coming but best of all is the learning of new things, E-File, Airbrushing & silks/fibreglass! I’m so excited, it’s going to be a great 7 months!! 😀💅


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