College Week 13 – Hard Gel Enhancements 

It was back to college this week after a lovely Christmas break off and we were getting back into UV Hard Gel Training.

In our previous class it had been me working on my classmate, so tonight was my turn at playing client. 

The first thing I wanted to check though was how my set I’d done before Christmas were holding up…

She had lost 2 literally this week when she returned to her hairdressing training but her index & middle finger on her right hand don’t look to far behind… She did say she hadn’t been particularly careful with this set but the lifting is quite terrible considering, I was paired with someone different for this evening too so there wasn’t anything I could do to help. It would have made more sense to have done infills as such a stretch of time as passed, but so many people have been ill in recent weeks it’s making sure everyone gets some practice. 

As it was my turn to be client there wasn’t much I could do, I’m quite looking forward to returning the favour to my classmate. We haven’t been given out many instructions and as she’s had flu she has missed a few lessons so I’m hoping to be mentor when I’m partnered with her next week. I learnt so much last year & had so much theory that it’s nice to have the privilege of passing on skills & knowledge. 

The other thing about this evening was that our first assignment was due in. I’m quite lucky as my level 2 course was so intensive I managed to do mine in about an hour using my previous assignment as a template so I was done pretty quickly 😀

I still don’t feel this course is as intensive but maybe that’s because at the moment it is all revision to me, that might change when we come onto Airbrushing, Fibreglass & E-File training though 😁

So that was my first week back, I’m quite looking forward to next week. 

The real shock has been retuning to work, I’ve loved being totally consumed by nails & the community over the festive period that this week it’s it home how much I really want this has my life & career. There are so many avenues to the nail industry too, it’s just too exciting to stay away from! 💅😍 xx


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