College Week 15 – UV Hard Gel Set Analysis & Acrylic Removal Assessment 

This weeks class was all about clients. I had a bit of a job securing one & ended up on a whim asking one of my sons Playschool teachers. 

College so far has been quite chilled out & relaxed, it helps I have a bit of knowledge but in the back of my head I have been freaking out abit as I don’t feel I’ve learnt anything new – apart from understanding the reverse application technique. Up until tonight I’ve been panicky thinking that when it comes to the stuff I don’t know, I won’t get on with my tutors teaching methods 😕 Well I needn’t have worried, tonight blew me out the water, my tutor was absolutely on the ball and my class felt how it did last year when I did my level 2 training.

Just to give you abit if perspective. I’m currently being taught in what can only be described as pre- fab buildings. Just basic classrooms with cupboards & running water from storage tanks, heating is from wall mounted electric heaters too… In comparison last year I was in a building that was over 100 years old & had been a traditional working college for that length of time too. All fittings at been there since the building was built, running water, heating etc. The teaching has been completely different too, my Level 2 was like being back at school (ps. I like that style of learning) my tutor last year actually taught during the day at a sixth form college, my current tutor is a salon owner & mainly teaches day courses. So it’s been quite a culture shock coming from such a rigid, structured enviourment to a relaxed one – really, my brain has struggled & on many occasions I’ve thought maybe this isn’t for me… But after this evening I’m so glad I stuck with it!

As it was an evening of clients she was quite unforgiving when it came to incorrect uniform, no pens, missing equipment & in general being unorganised. That immediately sparked my attention & I realised it was game on from that point.

I was trying to find the right time to take a picture of my classmates nails from last week. We were so involved with setting up for clients & having the whole, keep phones on silent & away convo that I felt it would just be bad manners! However seeing how my set got on is a learning experience in itself & of course she was fine with it.

UV Hard Gel Set, Analysis!

My classmate had a few problems with her nails and to be fair I knew she would. They were so thin that I avoided any filing to the nails! Yes really they were that thin, I wasn’t risking anything by working on them so instead it meant relying completely on cleansers & primers. So how did they look?…

From a distance & at first glance, they looked alright, but then I had a closer look…

She mentioned that the index finger on her right hand had come completely off but in such a way she managed to glue the whole thing back on in one. From her saying that I knew it was entirely down to prep that it had quite literally pinged off! She was starting to show signs of lifting too but I think I’ve finally uncovered the reason has to why my nails lift, and it’s my filing technique.

I’ve really gotten into Doug Schoons & Ela Loszczyk free online training & blogs at the moment. Apparently the key to filing is a light touch and to let the file do the work. 

At the time I was more pleased with the right hand, it had a better & smoother shape, I literally had less then 10 minutes to do anything with the left hand, and it shows… Because the time spent on the nail was so minimal so is the lifting. I guess because I didn’t upset the movement of the product too much it adhered better?! Lesson learnt, light touch & less touch!

Acrylic Removal Assessment 

 The main part of my lesson was taken up by my first assessment, it wasn’t intentional but it ended up being a removal. I was meant to be doing a set of acrylics and during my brief once over of the nails thought I’d just be removing polish 🙊 Oops, I was wrong, it wasn’t until 5 minutes before class I took a proper look & realised what I was working with!

It was no bad thing, it’s been a loooong time since I did a removal I was looking forward to it. It was also nice to work with someone who was more client then friend because the nerves kicked in!

This is what I started with.

I’m so annoyed with myself, in my consultation I’d specifically stated I’d be using warm water to heat the acetone & I’d be filing the bulk away, and yet with the nerves of everything I completely forgot to do any of that! 

As I’m completely against filing the nails during or after being submerged in acetone and using any metal implements, my only tool was an orange stick. I let the nails submerge for 20 minutes before letting each nail out one at a time to gently coax off the acrylic, some had adhered pretty well so this process took 40minutes. I don’t like to rush removal especially because my ethos is natural nail health, but really it took 10 minutes longer then it should. It had nothing to do with the previous technicians job either, it was good quality products used & there was no nail damage to my client either. It was nice to be able to explain that all to her to. She used to go to the quicky, cheap shops and she mentioned her nails always hurt and felt soft so to be able to explain why her current technician was a good one to keep (natural nail care) felt really good. Once all her acrylics were removed her nails looked like this.

One thing that baffled me was the white marks down right sides of her left nails, not sure if you can see them. It’s not nail damage or surface damage anyway, it’s more in the nail? Something else to learn about…

As we had over an hour left & I could see she was missing the acrylics I offered to paint on the NSI Secrets Soak Off Gel in ‘Confidential’ It’s a gorgeous glitter and as glitter is so much more durable then standard polish it seemed a great choice. 

So that was my evening! Phew!

To save you reading anymore I’ll leave it at that, all I’ve left to say is I can’t wait till next week!! 💅


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