Nail Book Bargins!

I thought I’d share with you a little shopping spree I had a few weeks ago.

Ok, so it wasn’t a shopping spree in that sense, it was books… but they were a bargain!

I love to read, I also have an obsession with the nail industry but!…. I don’t have endless amounts of money, so I’m hoping my experience I’m about to tell you about is a big help to anyone low on funds but big on learning and continuing education 😀

I currently own Mariam Newmans The Complete Nail Technician book (If you don’t have it, get it, it truly is the Nail Tech bible) and happen to read a list of other recommended books at the front of her book. So off I went in search of them only to find out the price 😁 They ranged between £30-£40 each, which considering my current economic circumstances was well out of my price range. Thankfully I’m an incredibly determined, driven & stubborn person, basically if I really want something I will find a way!

And this is where my little shopping spree comes in.

I started searching on Amazon and although they offered the obvious full price there was also a little button saying used from… 

So I clicked on there to find a load of buying options. I’ll admit I was extremely concerned so I used the same buying rule as I do when I generally buy things from Amazon, any company less then 97% rating I don’t buy from.

I felt like I was doing my bit for charity too, there was 3 books I ended up buying, 2 from libraries & one from a hospice with all the money I paid going towards new books for them!! 

So what were they & what bargin price did I pay…

First up is Manicure,Pedicure & Advanced Nail techniques by Elaine Almond

This is a traditional text book, the only colour picture is the one on the front, but don’t let that put you off. The information inside is invaluable! 

For me it’s my kind of book, it’s almost written like a dictionary with a clear description of each product/item  

One of the best things in this book is the nail conditions. Not only are they broken down into a chart, but the following pages give a detailed description of each condition.

  I highly recommend this book especially if you like this layout. If traditional textbooks aren’t your thing I still think you should consider it, it’s Glossary style layout  makes for easy reading so it’s easy to pick up, refer too, then put back down without reading or searching for hours for that one thing you need.

Oh the important bit, how much did I pay… £1.68!! (OK a little secret, it also cost me £2.80 in p&p but still for less then £5, it was a well worth purchase)

Next up is Nail Artistry by Jacqui Jefford, Sue Marsh & Ann Swain


I didn’t know what to expect with this book, I couldn’t find any reviews anywhere?? But I’m glad I listened to Mariams recommendation because it’s amazing! 

The whole book is dedicated purely to Nail Art; tools, how to, careers, competitions! It is one gem of a book. The layout of it is fab too both visually and it’s written word.

Again, it’s another book I highly recommend especially for those who take better to visual learning. And it’s price… £0.42! Yep that’s right 42 pence!

Lastly we have The Art of Nails by Jacqui Jefford.

The revues for this were 50/50 but I went ahead and purchased it anyway (you’ll find out why in a mo) 

Considering this book was only first published 10 years ago it is quite dated. The whole book is made up of step by step designs, it even includes a chapter on male nail art?! It is the techniques though that for me as a novice will come in handy. One design that caught my attention was a dragonfly, I’m quite untrigued though to take the technique used and adapt it into something else…

Would I recommend this book? I’ll be honest at its full price no, it’s nothing you can’t find on the internet & for the skilled professional absolutely not, it will contain nothing I’m sure you don’t already know… Why am I somewhat impressed by it, well a lot of that comes down to the price I paid… You ready?.. You may want to sit down for this…


Yes that is correct, 1 penny! I swear I lose more then that daily in loose change! So this book has been my ultimate bargain!

All the books cost me £2.80 each in p&p, but I’m not even going to quibble over that considering how much I’ve saved on the original RPP!

I hope this helps you if you are low in funds but desperately seeking educational books. My priority for buying was in this order though (just a little tip) 1- ratings of the company, anything less then 97% didn’t get a look in. 2- price, I literally starting looking at the lowest price books from the 97% + rated companies 3- description of book, condition etc… Just a wise word always read the extra detail bit. For instance two of the books I bought were marked as just Good Condition, it’s detailed description then informed me they were ex library books, so I knew they couldn’t be that awful & I was right, but trust your gut feeling, it is after all your money 💷

So that is my story of bargain book shop hunting, I really hope it helps you (and your purse) and I’ll keep you informed of any more bargains I come across! 💅

Happy Shopping xx


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