College Week 16 – UV Hard Gel Assessment 

This weeks class was another opportunity to complete an assessment, my client from last week was back and although I was really hoping to use the fuschia pink Gel that came in our kit she wanted something a little less subtle & so we went with the glitter again.

I used this on her last week but just the glitter gel, no base and just the Glaze & Go as a top coat. We discussed the fact she was a guinea pig for this & that I was interested to see how long it lasted.

That turned out to be 3 days 🙁 although she did admit to picking which was immediately obvious when I had a look at her nails. Luckily she is so easy going so I could give her abit of a telling off without any offence caused. Think she realised then she was never going to get away with it again with me!! Lol

This was my clients nails before I got started 

The evening went really well. As my client had somewhat bitten nails, tips were applied & then it was out with the cover pink again. 

I love this product & I don’t think I’ll ever go back to standard pink again when it comes to a set of pink and whites or for clients with short or small nail beds ever again. I wish I had come across it last year but at the same time it’s exciting to discover new products.

After tips & the cover pink applied & the nails filed, my clients nails looked like this. 

I was also impressed with myself with the routine I had during application, I was doing a finger at a time but while it was curing I was doing a finger on the other hand. I’m not as quick yet to do all 4 fingers without it rolling, but this method meant I did my quickest ever UV Hard Gel Overlay set since I started training!! I also used it as a sort of timer against myself to ensure I did a nail within the 2 minutes.

It was then onto the glitter overlay, the picture does this no justice, it’s a lovely mix of silver, pinks & purples, as my client only wanted a subtle finish to her nails this is just one coat.

So that was assessment number 2 done 😍

I also got a quick look in on my colleague’s nails from 2 weeks ago, I’m quite pleased that she had only lost one nail considering I’d done no prep (thinning nail beds) the lifting was bad for only 2 weeks but again with no prep, I’m surprised they hadn’t all fallen off!!

Lastly I want to share with you, how far I’ve come in a year. I don’t get to do UV Hard Gel nails as often as I’d like, in fact aside from evenings in college last year & this year I don’t do any 🙁 so I’m quite proud of the following progress pictures. 


I’ve gone from bobbly, uneven nails, which not even filing could resolve to almost perfect ones, which usually just require a quick once over 😊 I’ve gone from hating Gel to it now being my favourite – that might change when it comes to removal though…

I’m hoping its inspiration to anyone who is at the beginning of their training and thinking how am I ever going to do this. I really thought that too. Being a nail technician is my dream but actually doing nails has not come as natural to me as I would have wanted, but! It’s something I love & pictures like this keep me inspired as I can see I’m improving, slowly but surely 😊

My advice is never give up & keep taking pictures, slow down if you must, but never stop! Never Stop! Keep Going & Keep Dreaming… xx


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