College Week 17 – UV Hard Gel Nail Biter Assessment 

This week was a first time for me & I got to try something I didn’t do on my Level 2 course – Enhancements on a nail biter!

For our assessment we have to apply tips to our client, I personally don’t feel this option is a one size fits all & I expect as we are only training it’s to assess how we adapt the tip to the nail biting client. A tip should only over 1/4-1/3 of the nail, anymore then that & you risk the enhancement pinging off due to most of the strength being in the tip. You can only imagine how little nail you have in the beginning, that means a lot of ‘couture fitting’ as I like to call it 😃

My clients nails for this evening started like this.

What was really good about this client is they were a proper referral, I’d never met them until tonight so it was nice being a true professional from the start 😀

As I said there was an awful lot of tip filing to attend to for my client, wells had to filed out & side walls of the tips measured & filed accurately. As I wasn’t going to see her for another 3 weeks I wanted to be extremely meticulous on prep work so they would last. It meant a full 2 1/2 hours with my client!

I still have ups & downs with clients, but as the vast majority of the UK’s population was bought up being too polite if there is a problem I never get the chance to rectify it 😔 The thing with nail technician training is that is the most important bit, knowing & finding out what went wrong so a solution can be sought, tried & tested… Just like hair & skin, no one formula fits all, with time & experience I’ll be able to make a sound judgement on the first consultation, it’s just getting to that point 😀

My client hadn’t had nail enhancements for a loooong time & although she had offered to be a model she also wasn’t keen on traditional ‘fake nails.’ It was nice for that reason to be able to show her the advantages to UV Hard Gel nails. They are so lightweight & continuously shiney I knew she would love them. The disadvantage however was my clients job, as a primary school teaching assistant her job is very hands on. She had actually just arrived from the after school art club – which explains some of the dark on her nails, that’s paint not a bacterial infection incase you were wondering – and enhancements require quite abit if care in order to last & keep the integrity of your natural nail. A lengthy discussion on aftercare made up quite abit of our conversation throughout the treatment. 

I’m the previous owner of inch & 1/2 long nails, but I also hold my hands up and say I very rarely did any housework 🙈 and the the rare occasion I did out came the pink rubber gloves! My hands never got wet unless it was hygiene reasons & I was religious with oils. Even without enhancements now, I never use my nails as tools, I always use cutlery to open cans etc & I use the pads of my fingers for everything else! I know, it sounds like I have a princess complex, but hey I can dream 😂

We discussed finishing options for my client but after applying my trusted cover pink my client was more then happy with her new extended nails she didn’t want anything else 😊

This was my finished result

Looking back on these, my cover pink is not as opaque as it could have been & although the nails are short the whites of some of the nails are a lot further down the nail then I’m happy with. But!… As my first ever nail biter client, overall I am really pleased with them.

Also tonight I re-tried last weeks application routine, after applying UV Hard Gel to a finger on one hand, while it was curing I turned to the other hand, I got into such a good rhythm I was becoming quicker then the lamp to the point I had to count to 30 before applying the next finger. It’s nice to know my speed is finally picking up, the next goal is at least 2 fingers! 💅

So that was week 17, officially half way through its now the countdown, the only thing worrying me now is everything left to do… Sculpting, wraps, airbrushing and many more assessments, assignments, practicals & theory exams. Phew!! Oh well I do love a challenge & find pressure usually brings out the best in me, here’s to the next half of the course 😀


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