College Week 18 – UV Hard Gel Overlay

Half way through my college course now & my assessments are slowly coming together. 😀

Tonight was another evening of UV Hard Gel tip & overlay. As I walked into class for the first night ever we had proper nail tables!! We’ve currently been using typical style classroom tables, which is quite nice as I like to have room & it means no chance of accidentally knocking & spilling anything. The nail tech tables however gave our classroom that professional look so I was quite excited knowing I had a client coming in. The only downside to the tables were the hand rests that unfortunately weren’t removable 🙁 It meant the lamp I needed to use tonight was at an awful angle for my client and would mean having to stretch her left arm to put it into lamp, as I believe the client should be thoroughly comfortable throughout the treatment I wasn’t happy with this, it ended up where I turned the table around, placed the lamp centre to where the client would be & then my products either side 👍

Not long after that my client arrived. 

First was my consultation & then we were ready to go. My client had really good healthy nails to begin with so just a bit of a cuticle tidy & file was needed before getting into prep & application.


I don’t know why but tonight although I felt I did everything like I thought was right, and had what I thought was a good routine, it felt like I was taking forever to complete a set… I don’t know if I was using too much product or my application was wrong, but my nails seemed really thick & as I started filing, which also felt like it took forever, the nails still seemed soft & unset?  I need to re-read the instructions, although a recent Google search led me to an article by Doug Schoon & I believe the problem my be the lamps we use? 

The last 2 clients I’ve had who had used the new lamps we’ve just had delivered all had big issues with losing nails, one client was able to peel them off?! Considering this is hard gel I’m using & not gel polish, I’m quite concerned?? It’s not great from a training or confidence point of view, I’m almost tempted to take my own lamp in to see if it makes a difference. I’m using the times as directed but it may be the UV element of my lamp is just not powerful enough? 

In the end I did mange to finish the nails… In 2 1/2 hours! An awful time! As part of this time I applied the NSI secrets soak off French white. I’d much rather have done a sculpted pink & white but we aren’t quite at that point yet. They looked alright, but I really feel I’ve regressed, my smile lines aren’t perfect at all. They are much too straight for my liking

They looked OK from a natural looking point of view & my client was happy, but for me I feel like they have been my worst set so far this year… 😔

11 days on…

I managed to catch up with client today only to find out she had no nails left!! One had pinged off so she removed the rest herself! I wasn’t able to look at her hand so I don’t know what damage (if any) has been caused but I have dropped her a text to get her to answer a few questions for me regarding lifting etc.

I went back to college as I felt I wasn’t client ready & wanted to increase my skill set. But I’m actually so disheartened at the moment I feel being a nail tech is not meant to be, to the point I feel like quiting my course 😔 That upsets me more than anything, I’m normally a little fighting spirit and tend to power on through most situations, but since that night at college I feel nothing I do nail wise is working, even my nail art has suffered in recent weeks. I just don’t seem to be producing any good work…

What keeps the flame going though is how much I do love the industry. I’ve kept with reading my books, watching professional You Tube videos (Naio, Doug Schoon, Tammy Taylor, Essential Nails etc) checking in with those I follow on Social Media, all of which keep me going considering my current mindset. I just don’t know how much longer I can take with clients not having nails for a minimum of 2 weeks and having no explanation  for it. I have the Pro-Beauty Exhibition on Sunday so I’m hoping that puts a spark back in me.

So too finish I’ve sourced my other favourite social media outlet Pinterest for inspirational quotes, because at the bottom of my current heavy heart my passion is nails & I don’t want to give up! 💅


Ok, I know its a fitness motivation quote, but at the moment its quite fitting


And lastly…



2 thoughts on “College Week 18 – UV Hard Gel Overlay

  1. seriouslynails says:

    Keep it up Elbie, we all have been there. I definately would bring your lamp. Sometimes, school lamps get badly abused and don’t work as well as they should. Do you have a mentor that might be, able to work with you. Watch you do your work from start to finish on a live person? It could be something so super simple that someone else may notice.
    Don’t give up, the nail world needs you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • elbienails says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I do need to look at getting a mentor like you say it’s probably the most simplest of things affecting the longevity. I think we are all are own hardest critic, it’s worse because nails is something I really love. Hopefully it’s just a minor mental block, I still have dreams of helping those with severe nail problems, I can’t give up on them 😀 xx


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