Was feeling deflated but now I’m inspired!

So I won’t ever be getting into the habit of writing off the cuff posts, but I really felt compelled to write this one.

Recently I’ve become jaded & deflated by my course & my nail goals. I’m now half way through my college course & feel I haven’t learnt anything new, this isn’t a reflection on my tutor, I guess it was predicted as I learnt an amazing amount on my level 2 course so my level 3 (so far) has been more revision then anything else. So far we’ve done Nail art (again) Liquid & Powder (again) & UV Hard Gel (again) the thing is my timings are still shocking & I feel that even though I have a year on the rest of my classmates, they have leaped ahead of me. 

My downfall is probably being too much of a perfectionist. My consultations are always about 20mins, I always talk through exactly what I’m doing & why, and it’s also nice to give little tips to my clients, such as this little convo…

Client- (watching me see-saw her nails) I thought you always had to file your nails in one direction

Me- It’s ok its a 240 grit file, feel it… (Client feels file)

Client- ooh that’s really smooth

Me- Now feel this (100 grit file) … 

Client- That’s like sandpaper! I didn’t realise there was different types of files.

Me- Now imagine using that on your nail (client gives me a shocked face) it’s ok to use this (I pick up the 240 file) just  don’t file like this with an emery board, you’ll split your nails.

Client- Thanks for that, It’s amazing what you learn.

But recently it hasn’t been enough to keep the belief in myself that what I’m doing is good enough. 

I’ve also had problems with clients, firstly getting them & then with their nails 😔 The last 3 clients I’ve had have all had UV Hard Gel application & not one got through 7 days!! 

Honestly I’ve felt like crying 😥 it’s made me feel I’ve regressed & that the the one thing I’m most passionate about is never going to be my vocation in life… The desire to quit was becoming something of a consideration…

Unitl tonight! Tonight I’ve had a glimmer of what my future holds & where my true love with nails lies… And that’s in helping people with nail problems. I don’t want to give up on those people.

I approached a potential client a few weeks back but she brushed me off, strange I thought as she obviously enjoyed painting her own nails, out of my own desperation I mentioned it again recently. It was then I discovered why she was so unkeen on the idea.

I won’t go into details, a part of me was extremely humbled that she felt she could tell me the reason why. But the onset was a bigger commitment to really help people with all types of nail & minor skin conditions. 

I explained there was absolutely no need to worry & explained what happened during a treatment & why, I mentioned none of what I was telling her was in anyway to change her mind, but more to explain what actually happened.  It would seem what I said put her at ease as she is now willing to put aside her previous anxieties & become a client for me 😊

You have no idea what that means to me!

I do not want to be just another nail technician, there are so many local to me & amazing ones at that! The competition is very high!

I want to be different, too offer something no one else does, to really help people & show there is more to a nail technician then the A standard enhancements.

My intended client base is a niche one, I guess it’s why deep down I never sing or shout about my services. While I’m still training I don’t want people coming to me just because I’m offering discounted sets to help complete my assessments. I want to help the nail biters, those with weak nails, the brittle & splitting nail owners, those who have lost nails! I want people to come to me because they have a condition they feel wouldn’t be accepted in a traditional salon (like my mentioned above client) & most of all clients dealing with or have a history with cancer! 

I know fully trained nail techs can do all the mentioned above, (except the cancer patients, there still seems to be a grey area on that one??) but it’s never advertised. None of the local websites I’ve researched explain the benefits of the product & what it can do for the client, just what the desired outcome of the treatment would be… 

I came across an amazing nail tech on Facebook last year that actually applied Liquid & powder to a groom for his wedding day. They were so good that even though you knew they were enhancements you still couldn’t tell!! His bride was apparently thrilled by this & got her dream ‘rings’ picture because of the skills of the technician. That’s my goal! 

I’ve found it! I realised what I want to do… I want to help people!

Well, I feel I’ve babbled on enough, but I’m so glad to finally be inspired again, and if the lady who I’ve mentioned in this post is reading this, I hope she really understands the absolute huge impact she has made on me tonight! 😘


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