OPI Mini’s Gift Set Alice Through The Looking Glass 

Happy New Year everyone!

I decided against a resolutions post this year and to start as a means to go on… blogging more!

So my first post of the year is a review of the OPI Minis set from the 2016 Alice Through The Looking Glass film. My sister bought me this set for Christmas and I love it, most places have this set, or the individual colours in their sales right now so figured it was a perfect time to write about them.

First up is The I’s Have It

This is a gorgeous baby blue with complete cover in 2 coats. It’s a lovely blue for winter & would look adorable with some pretty white snowflakes either painted or stamped on ❄️

Next is Oh My Majesty 

This is a lovely subtle shimmer white with a hint of pink & purple going through it. It did take three coats to achieve complete opacity but it’s so lovely & understated, a perfect colour for an everyday Manicure 💅 

Third in the set is I’m Gown For Anything 

This lovely lilac would look amazing with a tan! Unfortunately there’s not much of that going around in winter ☃️ As with The I’s Have It it’s complete coverage in just 2 coats. It’s not quite a baby purple and instead has warmer tones going through it, hence the need for a tan. Although it looks gorgeous in the picture, I have a cool skin tone so it didn’t quite have the impact it should have, unlike the blue above! But that’s what is great about this set, there is something to suit everyone and all seasons!! 

Lastly is Having A Bad Head Day

Oh My Gosh!! What can I say about this colour! It’s gorgeous, just gorgeous!! If anyone knows how to do reds it’s OPI and if you only buy one red in the sales or as part of your resolution make over, buy this!! 

It gives great coverage in one coat, but having two gives the ultimate finish. Remember I’m cool toned so if like me you thought reds weren’t for you get this. It’s glamorous, sexy & powerful, everything a girl needs in her red polish!


This collection was my absolute favourite this year and part of me feels it didn’t get the attention & accolades it deserved, unlike the Hello Kitty or Breakfast at Tiffanys collections. 

I bought the complete collection in Gel Format and the colours are just stunning. Really, if you buy one collection in the sales, let it be the Alice Through The Looking Glass collection, there is a great selection of base colours & a couple of wild cards! Well… it is based on Alice in Wonderland after all 😉


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