Gel’s Don’t Ruin Nails!… Try Telling A Client That!!

So my post today is because I feel the need to defend OPI in their release of the Gel Break System.

After a bit of a scathing post I came across on Instagram in relation to the above product, I’ve suddenly noticed an increase in ‘Acrylics don’t ruin your nails…’ & ‘Gels don’t ruin your nails…’ posts, meme’s, quotes etc too.

While both are true if you use a well educated, professional Nail Technician, there are still people who believe the above to still be true regardless of how amazing their Nail Tech is!

So what do we do about those who believe they are still needing a ‘break’ from their enhancements. 

Well ideally we educate!! Yes your nails will be a little soft when a covering has been removed from it, the same happens with a simple plaster, but we don’t go around blaming plasters!! We remove it & lo & behold a few hours later normality is restored 😀 Now if they’re paper thin that’s a whole different reason and your top priority then is to find a new nail tech!

For a Nail Tech like me the Gel Break system is a great addition to my treatment menu and here’s why… Apparently newly qualified means I know nothing, yep really… you wouldn’t believe how much I have to correct people to be told ‘Well that’s what my Nail lady said & she’s been doing nails longer then you’ or ‘I’ve been having my nails done for years and that’s just what acrylics do’ Argh!! Honestly it frustrates me. Yes I may be newly qualified and still learning but that’s just it I’m still and always will keep learning. I’m never without a book in my hand or a Nail page open on my phone/tablet. And no, my education doesn’t come from the pages of Facebook, Buzzfeed, shop bought magazines or any other form of general journalism… if you’ve read my 1 year Anniversary post you’ll know my views on sensationalist journalism… I read from educational books, professional magazines & acclaimed industry professionals; Doug School & Mariam Newman to name my top two, but you know what else, I cross check everything they say too.

Ok so that’s the hard part, trying to siphon out the rubbish that appears on the internet, but once you know where & where not to look, it is really easy to find the truth in many fibs & fables! 

The thing to remember is that advancements are always being made, there’s a reason text books are always being updated! Something taught 10 years ago doesn’t necessarily apply today. I found an old adage that really somes up how I feel when I try to educate people…

And for that I’m thankful for Gel Break, because some clients just won’t accept what you tell them. 

I expect those who are negative towards Gel Break don’t understand its purpose. There is a market for this product, as explained above. Sometimes you just have to give the client what they want, unless it Duck nails! No to the Duck Nails!!! And for the client who wants a break from Gel it’s this.

Just to clarify, I received the professional product release information for this and it wasn’t about OPI slating other companies or saying that Gel ruined clients nails it was simply realising years of mis-information fed to clients from ill informed sources had become more ingrained then the facts delivered by well educated technicians and for that reason created a product that still allows Technicians to provide a service to such a client instead of losing them. After all why should we? We still have a living to make… 

It takes many years to find a great Nail Tech who doesn’t damage your nails, for me that was 10! I stayed with her for almost 4 years. Why did I leave if she was so good, because she inspired me to finally live my dream of being a Nail Tech.  I wanted to be just like her, use a drill just like her, leaves nails in an amazingly good condition like her and more then anything create Nails just like her! 💅

My whole time with her I had my nail extensions completely removed twice! Once when I split a nail horizontally across the lower part (even now I’m at a loss how it happened??) and secondly when I started college, although I did book my Christmas appointment in the August. She was also the first nail tech to make me realise it was an unnecessary task to create a complete set, do one infill, one rebalance then have the whole lot removed to start again!! Twice a year did I have my acrylics soaked off to then have a new set reapplied, don’t ask me why but it was literally like the Acrylic was structurally becoming unstable therefore the only solution was to start over. My first tutor also explained it was unnecessary to have to completely remove acrylics every 3 visits. Why? if there is nothing wrong with the Acrylic underneath, are you doing anything more then an infill? And if you do do elaborate designs always start with a base of clear acrylic for your design to be applied to and easily removed without the need of Acetone. 

But you know what else, for some people, they just like the feel of their natural nails after a time of having them covered. So why not offer them a product that allows just that?…

This is what the Gel Break System looks like

Available in 3 shades to complement any skin tone, the system aims ‘To restore nails back to its natural health’ while naturally OPI make you aware of the benefits of then using its own Gel Colour, any professional brand applied from a well educated Nail Technician will continue to keep your nails in its healthy state.

I love the underlying meaning in this system & my wish like many others is that this system was compatible with its range of lacquers, oh the Manicure possibilities! Unfortunately OPI don’t recommend you mix or match the system, but you never know what the future holds…

Hopefully I’ve given you something to think about, please don’t always believe what you see or hear, ironic I know… but continue to educate yourself, after all, for you the client, it is your nails & you have to live with them and the consequences. A good well educated Nail Technician will be able to answer your question or won’t hesitate to go and find the answer for you. 

For the Nail Technician, I always remember reading ‘if you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it’ and that resonates with me to ensure I know (at least) how to explain the bigger myths out there…

I want to finish by saying that yes I openly admit I am a huge OPI fan, more so because of the professionals I’ve come across associated with the brand then the brand itself. Danny Phung, Shannon Rooney, Lee Moore & my fellow Poole girl Holly Mitchener. All have been so lovely & supportive right from the start of meeting them. But in terms of color & treatment range I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Have I tried anything else, yes, and in terms of lacquer & treatment I always come back to OPI. They haven’t approached me about writing this or infact even know who I am! Lol! But I just wanted to deliver my view on what I feel is a good product and one that does have its place.

Just so I’m not so brand biased I’ll give you a little insight into other brands I use…My go to acrylic brand is Ez-Flow, I don’t care that it is the most expensive brand on the market, I can not find anything else even remotely close to it. My pink & whites look glorious with it & the structure of my nails amazing! I’ve tried now 4 other brands & they just don’t suit me, the fact I can get it from only 2 on-line suppliers & I still use it says a lot about the product! Then there’s Hard Gel. After 12 months of searching & silly amounts paid on sample pots I’ve now finally found a Hard Gel product I love and that’s Cuccio T3. A personal demo from the creative director Steven Rhys-Wells had me a total convert it’s just amazing & so easy to work with. I love the look of Gel but up until then it was my nemeses! Finally, My absolute miracle in a bottle is the IBX Nail Recovery System. It’s a UV system which does put some people off but my gosh is that product amazing!!

So there you have it, my views on Gel Break. I for one can’t wait to offer it but then then it is also an excuse to buy more OPI ☺️ xx


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