Sam Biddle Be Inspired Complete Online Course – An Introduction 

A few weeks ago I came across a post from a page I follow on Facebook for the Be Inspired Complete Online Course with Sam Biddle so decided to check it out. 

I’ve already bought a few items from the Be Creative website including the Neon pigments collection and love watching Sam’s video so was intrigued to see what the course offered.

It’s broken down into 26 lessons over a period of 12 months with things like pigments & painting to 3D & escapulating being covered. A full course breakdown can be found via the link below. I really do recommend checking it out!

Be Inspired Complete Online Course Content

I really wanted to enrol on the course after reviewing what each lesson included but the only price I could find was one advertised at £150. With it being just after Christmas funds were a little on the small side – early wages at Christmas really doesn’t benefit anyone! So it was back to the drawing bored, well at least until the following day.

I don’t know why but on my first visit to the website I hadn’t noticed there was a monthly subscription box… so after clicking on it I found out that for the next 5 days only I could sign up for only £15 a month instead of the usual £35!! So that’s what I did… and so for the next 12 months I’m set on advancing my nail art skills.

I know you are thinking that’s what YouTube is for but I’ve already realised the massive advantage over paying for education as opposed to getting for free. I’m also pro supporting my industry so will pay for good knowledge. 

After signing up within 10mins my access to the site was ready to activate so off I went to explore. There are loads of additional videos to watch, tips on how to prep tips, get the most out of lessons, subjects related to the course & how to get the best out of it. Also available was my first lesson, but I’ll talk about it in my next post.

I could finish there but about a week later I received a lovely little gift package from Sam to help me with the course.

A little mini survival guide which has some great advice, little gold beads, sweets! (Who doesn’t love sweets!!) and lastly the best thing in my eyes, complimentary extra long nail tips! 

These aren’t cheap & I was almost begrudging buying them – only because I really wanted the party pigments collection & it was becoming a choice between one or the other, so after this, now I know what I can indulge in! 😀

So there you have it my introduction to the Be Inspired Complete Online Course.

Coming soon, my first lesson… xx

Be Creative Website 

Be Inspired Website 


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