Pro Beauty London ExCel 2017 Part 1

The first beauty show of 2017 was held last weekend & for me it didn’t disappoint. So many brands were in attendance & I was so thrilled to learn after looking at the exhibitor map that MoYou London were going to be there for their first ever beauty show event!!

Actually that’s my first tip when it comes to beauty shows, download the floor plan & know exactly who is going & where they are! If I hadn’t have done that I would have missed them, they were situated around the ‘ebay’ stands as I call them, an area I would never consider walking around, so I’m so glad I realised in advanced they were going!

My day started stupidly early Sunday morning! I always say I only get out of bed before 7 for 2 things… Shoes & Nails. Everything else?… not a chance! It’s a 2 1/2 hours drive for me so by 6.30am I was on the road ready to get parked & make use of my Exec Club entry badge at 9.30am!

As it was, it was so busy by the time I made it to the Docklands we were being directed to an alternative car park and this was at  9am! I got into Excel just as the doors opened for Exec & Luxe members.

What is Exec Club? Well every year I get an an invite as an Exec member. You can pay to upgrade to it which is about £10. I don’t know why I get it, although I do remember one year receiving an email saying because I lived X amount of miles from the Pro Beauty show would I like a complimentary upgrade, so of course I said yes and ever since I keep getting invites to upgrade for free!

It’s great. With Exec Club you get early entry – 9.30am instead of 10am, access to the lounges for complementary croissants & coffee in the morning & champagne & afternoon tea at 3pm. Just to say all my years of doing Exec Club I’ve never done this, I probably should… it sounds great, but I hate crowds so I always take the morning apportunity to scope the exhibitors & not once have I ever been around in the afternoon cos I’m always in a seminar!!

Talking of which being Exec is great as I get half price seminars not only online but at the show too, which is great if there are cancellations- or like me realised you weren’t booked on all the Nail Skills ones so had to make a last minute purchase!

Finally the last thing for me is the goodie bag! I noticed this year the queue was HUGE for the Pro Beauty stand & I can only guess that was to pick up the bag. They say limited amount but I picked mine up around 4 in the afternoon, mainly to get a hold of the sacred bottle of water my dry throat was dying for!!

The free gifts this year were beauty related which is a little disappointing after receiving a few nail goodies last year.

So not sure if I’ll trial them, although last year I got a sample of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara & now I’m a complete convert!

The Show

My first stop was EzFlow. A Dublin based company who were Ireland’s distributor have now become the official UK distributior too! I’m so thrilled! I love EzFlow, I trained with their products in college and although they are one of the most pricey in the market, I’ve trailed other brands & I always come back to EzFlow! Graftons international were the previous UK distributor and I did wonder why they had the most amazing stock clearance sale recently – if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram you’ll have seen the swatches I’ve been doing, if not go check my pages out – the new company stock more of the American products including the cover pinks & glow in the dark pinks!! Natural nails in the day hello glow in the dark nails at night! So excited now to be able to buy more of the range!

Their main product of the show was the Dip & Buff system. I’m really excited by this system. Not everyone is a fan of acrylics but clients still want something long lasting. The trouble is Gel Polish needs a good foundation to really last & this is where the Dip & Buff system comes in. Not as thick as traditional acrylics but harder wearing them Gel Polish for clients with a weaker nail, this is the perfect product!

I currently have a gorgeous ruby red on and a week later still shows no signs of budging!

Unfortunately that was all the shopping time I had before going up to get a seat for my first seminar…

First up was a Nail Art Masterclass with OPI Educator Lee Moore. I trained with Lee for my Gel Polish Certificate & I love her way of teaching. It’s formal, educational but always loads of fun. I come away everytime after seeing her with a new technique or tip!

In just 50 minutes she took us through 6 nail art techniques to use with Gel Colour, marbelling, stamping, chrome, glitter, gold leaf & gems/crystals. It was amazing, yes you can watch YouTube to figure out how to do these techniques but it’s always the troubleshooting & extra tips you pick up which I find make these seminars invaluable.

Lee is also a session stylist so I picked up some great tips on how to photograph nails to make them appear their best in pictures. Great to get the best version of your nails before sending a client out the door!

Next up was Katherine Von Gavel, Founder & CEO of Footlogix. Wow! Is all I can start with! To begin with it felt like she was trying to sell me something,  which personally I hate. Ironic too, considering I myself work in Sales?! I want to say she was brash, but that would be insulting as i dont think she is, she was just so forward & confident, Ive never witnessed anything like it before, by the end i was actually very inspired by it!! Anyway once I settled into her way of talking I was actually very interested in what she had to say. She has been in the in the industry so long and seen so many changes it was actually really interesting to hear. As she moved on to the most current foot ailments we were also introduced to the Footlogix range. It’s great she kept insisting we aren’t doctors, so although we should never diagnose there are things we can do to help, especially where fungal infections are concerned.

The vast majority of adults have a fungal infection and she showed us a great picture of a fungal infection on a heel! Yes a heel! Usually we associate it with men and athletes feet in and around the toes, but this fungal infection is usually comman in women in the summer months, the cause… Flip Flops and backless sandals! What is commonly mistaken as dry heels may actually be a fungal infection and it was great to get a visual display of the minute differences between the Two!

We then seen a picture of a fungal free deeply cracked heel and the difference after only one application of the Footlogix Cracked Heel formula. It did an amazing job but she was very insistent that this formula was specific to deep cracks only, it would have no use for superficial cracks. Which took us onto the next product… the Spray on Callus Softener.

The before and after pictures of this product were outstanding and actually it was the only product she really did try to sell to us. It can be used during  the wet manicure and at the end, and because it continues working for up to 7 days it great to use on people who are off on holiday! I had full intentions of getting  this product but as yet there aren’t many pedicure clients so I’m going to wait till my May show and then make use of any offers then.

Next was Metta Francis of Nails by Mets to show us some wedding designs. The designs were so adorable and girly and reminded me a lot of the Japanese technique Neiru. We learnt a marble, heart and lace design, the latter blowing me away the most! What looked like such a complicated intricate design was actually really simple to do, so I’m really looking forward to recreating that.

Lastly was Jennifer Young of Beauty Despite Cancer. Her seminar this time was a broader view on how to help everyone with nail problems, but I’m always more keen to hear how to help those who are going through or coming out of cancer treatments, the conclusion… get myself booked onto the manicure/pedicure course Jennifer has created! I even entered my name down on the competition form for the chance to win a free course of my choice! I’d be absolutely thrilled to win that!

Something else that came to light was the launch of a nail polish range, I’m absolutely gutted i didn’t get a chance to stop by the stand to view it, but again its something to add to my list for the May Beauty Show.

The final thing from Jennifer’s seminar was the free Goodie bag. I need to find someone to donate it too because it is too amazing to keep to myself. Containing a sample of all the Beauty Despite Cancer top products, I really need to find a good home for it and for someone who would really benefit from them.

After my seminars it was back to the main floor for a bit of exploring. My first stop was the Cuccio stand who I knew also had a Dip & Buff system on demo. Cuccio is my favourite Hard Gel brand, I love T3 and couldn’t imagine ever going back to use another brand. I managed my first unicorn nail a few weeks back with it and the Gel just didn’t not budge even when I applied a second layer to raise the height of the curls in it!

For the demo I’ve had a glittery rose pink applied, and again one week on there are no signs are lifting, just natural growth.

I can tell a significant difference between the EzFlow & Cuccio Dip & Buff systems, the best way I can explain it is EzFlow feels really Hard and strong, as if a thin layer of acrylic had been applied, but then even half of that! Cuccio feels flexible and light, like a thicker Gel Polish or thinner Hard Gel, but again the application feels half of what that would be! So for those reasons I love both but in different ways, I can sense its going to be a hard decision on which system to use.

One of the biggest things I was thrilled to discover was EMI International were exhibiting! And I only realized that when I walked passed another stall and recognized the Russian voice! I love this company, the nail art is absolutely stunning, what they create with Gel paints, foils and nail stickers (although I hate referring to them as that because they are beautiful and little works of art) it’s from another world. I can’t recommend enough about checking out their website and Instagram pages. If you love girly but sophisticated nail art this is the company for you!

I was absolutely thrilled to find they had shoe decals! The design is gorgeous, a million miles from any other shoe design decal I’ve ever come across, aptly named ‘Paris’ what could you not love about it.

So that was Day 1… Day 2 coming up shortly including my spontaneous appearance on Salon Services (Sally’s) live FB feed & my amazing seminar gift! 🎁


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