Pro Beauty London Excel Part 2 

Day 2 of Pro Beauty was another early morning start, as I knew I had at least 2 hours shopping time to get in & I wanted to get a good look around the stalls!

I love Mondays at Trade Shows, although there tends to be more stundents, I also tend to find there are more ‘Professionals’ and less of the people who are there for freebies & offers so generally it’s quieter & you get more attention & information from the vendors.

My first stop was the OPI stand, I barely got a look in the day before & I was also interested in signing up for the upcoming Tend Tour.

After doing that is was time to say hello to Sophie Harris-Greenslade from the Illustrated Nail and get a demo with the new Fiji Collection.

Sophie does amazing things with polish so I was excited to see the design she was going to do on me. In the meantime Salon Services – or Sally’s for my American counterparts – approached the stand to do a live Facebook feed so not only can you see my design (below) if you nip over to Salon Services FB page or“>click here you can also see how Sophie created it!

Her execution of polish application is just flawless & aside from general wear & tear & my excessive 2 week growth, there is no chipping!!

Just to mention though that I also currently wear Infinite Shine on my other hand, the difference between products is noticeable. Although there is the general wear & tear I would expect with Polish my fracture lines are also showing signs of visiblity, Infinite Shine however shows no sign of fractures, so it really is the better long term product for clients with perhaps slightly weaker more flexible nails.

Next was abit of window shopping, so feeling like it was abit quiet I headed for the Magpie Beauty stand, no such luck, even on this quieter day the stand was heaving so decided to come back a little later and headed for the MoYou London stand.

I love the company so was a little disappointed on their behalf they hadn’t gone all out to kit their stand. They had very few products on display so if you didn’t know the brand I expect you wouldn’t look twice which is the exact opposite to how they present their website & social media. I still got out my wishlist to see if they were stocking any of the plates I wanted but it looked to be only the last 3 series of plates, a top coat & cuticle latex bundle & a polish bundle, however the girl on the stand could see I was an avid fan to kindly gave me a discount code for the website even though I didn’t buy anything! What amazing customer service!!

After that it was time to head for my seminars – first up Manicures for the Male client with OPI educator Elisha Whiten.

Omg! I’ve never in a most relaxing seminar in my life. We watch start to finish an almost waterless Manicure – which from a mobile tech point of view was great as it made me realise a great, relaxing Manicure is possible even if mobile.

Again, it was great to pick up hints & tips that come from seminar discussions & to share ideas & thoughts with other Technicians. Elisha also gave great tips on the little things to add to a service to make it that one step better then your competitor & also retail sales & exactly how to promote the benefits to clients especially when it comes to male clients.

Up next was award winning SalonOwner Natalie Vo from White Nails. There were a few tips I picked up from her but generally it was geared to Salon Owners. I did love her discussion on how to become an award winner – the first… actually entering. I also thought it was clients who would put you forward for these things but it isn’t. It is very much self promotion & proving you are the best. The great thing is although you are secretly being assessed at the end of it you get the analysis, so you get to see where improvements can be made. If anything else entering for awards can help keep your business on track and there’s nothing wrong with that.

My third seminar of the day was Nail Harmony who in my opinion give the best Nail Seminars. They are basically mini courses, so for the price I pay I always feel I’m cheating them. This seminar was Acrylic Nail Troubleshooting & it was amazing! I was taught ‘classic’ nails which I’m not a fan of, they look very 90’s/00’s when compared to a ‘modern’ nail my current favourite kind. Watching Anthony create a gorgeous modern nail has made me want to sign up for one of their courses!

We received fab advice of ratio’s, cuticle application, patience when working in different environments & the absolute importance of never going straight to the client without testing your liquid & powder in your current working environment. Your ratios should never change, just your patience otherwise you risk the integrity of the enhancement if you start playing with either more liquid or more powder.

Anothony’s piching skills were phenomenal and all done with just his thumbs, I really felt like I was having a lesson in competition nails! With a little spare time left to we even got a demonstration of an acrylic flower and still with the same size brush!

Absolutely stunning!

As we left, we also received a free gift. Nail Harmony hand out the most amazing gifts at their seminars & they disappoint! We each recieved a ProHesion Liquid & Powder Trial Kit!! So many products in that kit I still can’t believe I was given it!

Lastly was an Instagram How To with Katie Barnes. This was very similar to the seminar I sat in on in Manchester, but it was half price & I still came away having learnt something new. I still have yet to change my Instagram to a business one, at the minute I like having it as a place to share my own nail art creations and purchases, but having known what the potential is with it, it’s definitely something I’ll look to consider once I build my business up. It’s the most interactive out of all the social media sites I use, so I like the fact I can interact with other like minded people &  develop friendships 😀

After my seminars I made one final stop back to the Magpie Beauty Stand and I finally managed to get to the products. There was only a few colours I wanted so although getting on their website would have been the easier solution, this way I got the products I wanted & no delivery charge!

I picked up the gorgeous Blossom, Bluebell, Margo & Millie

So there were my 2 amazing days at Pro Beauty Excel. Can’t wait for May now & 2 days for the Beauty UK show! x


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