ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Nail Services

I recently returned back to education to complete an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Nail Services. There were a few reasons for this. One – I was most definitely not ready to give up on learning just yet. Two – The course criteria included E-File training and Airbrushing! and Three – It’s so hard to get a job and (I’ve found) to be taken seriously with a Level 2 certificate qualification. 😦

I’ve never been interested in making money, at least not grand amounts anyway, my concern and future goals is in natural nail health. Quick fixes are always great when time is against you, Nail Enhancements will always have a place in the world because of that and I adore getting creative with nail art, I’m so excited about the airbrushing!! But I really want to help those with Nail problems.

I want to provide services with those who have lost nails and to rebuild them – Something I’ll learn with this course. I want to help cancer sufferers maintain healthy (as possible) nails while they stay concerned with fighting for survival and more then anything I want to show ladies but more importantly men that there is hope for your nail problems.

Life goes at such a fast pace that I want to encourage people to take time out for themselves, there are so many benefits to manicures and pedicures, the Spa style ones not the Express! And whats an hour and 1/2 once or twice a month to yourself? There are an average of 720 in month, surely to deserve a few exclusively for you 🙂

So here you can read all about my course and the things I’m learning, It’s going to be a long and hard 10 months but I’m so excited about it!

Diploma Course – My First Evening

Evening Two – Intro into Liquid & Powder

Evening Three – Liquid & Powder Application

Evening Four – Liquid & Powder Application

Evening Five – Client Practice

November Round-up, Evenings 6-9, Liquid & Powder In-fills


If you live in the Poole area of Dorset and are interested in the Nail Services I offer, please visit my business website here


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