News, Trends & Reviews

Nails have always been a fashion accessory, never more so then in recent years! It’s not just clothes or hair that make up the fashion runway, nails are now getting in on the action too!

Here you’ll find all the recent news from the Nails world,  the trends that are currently appearing and reviews of newly released collections.


12-Oct-15 MoYou London Stamping Plates at

8-Oct-15 Nail Mail

31-Aug-15 September Nail Challenge #31DC2015

30-Aug-15 August ‘Summer’ Manicure Box

14-Aug-15 Bobble or Bubble Nails? Crazy Nail Trends

11-Aug-15 OPI Mini’s Travel Collection

30-Jul-15 IBX Nail Repair System

27-Jul-15 July ‘Tropical’ Manicure Box

21-Jul-15 June ‘Festival’ Manicure Box

28-Jun-15 June Manicure Box

21-Jun-15 Poundland Pastel Collection Review

14-Jun-15 The Dream Job!

11-Jan-15 OPI Fifty Shades Collection Review

8-Nov-14 – The ultimate website & App for collectors

6-Nov-14 OPI Hawaii and 50 Shades of Grey Collections!!!

18-Oct-14 Under nail Nail Art


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