Ways to Follow Me

There are so many Social Media channels out there and everyone uses them differently.

Firstly, WordPress! If you are here then you’ve already found me! Great and Thank you. Take a look around and if you like what you see, follow me! Either click the follow me button or sign up by email to keep up to date with whats going on 🙂

My Main Channel is Twitter @ElbieNails – this is where I do most of my posting of nail hauls, nail mail, updates and of course Re-tweeting.

Next is Facebook /elbienails – Twitter, Instagram & My Blog all feed into here. Its also my business page where I advertise my Nail Services for local clients.

Next is Instagram you can find me by searching for Elbie Nails. Here is where I have been taking part in other Instagram bloggers Nail Art Challenges.

I also have Pinterest /Elbie Nails – the saying is true, you never knew you needed this until you get it! I try never to look at other nail art for inspiration, unless of course it’s as part of a prompt. If someone else has done it, why do it again is my view….So here I can find all my inspiration without leaving my house, great for rainy days, bored days, any day! Check out my boards for my upcoming inspiration & designs, plus a few nail quips to make you smile. 😆

Then there is Tumblr elbienails – Like Facebook everything tends to feed into here, but I follow some pretty good accounts there so figured I’d just add mine too 😀

Then there’s Snuups elbienails OMG this site is amazing! An absolute dream for someone who loves things in order. On here you can find my complete Nail Lacquer collection, plus various other nail related items.

I also have a YouTube channel. At the moment there’s no original content but I do like putting together a range of videos to help budding technicians 💅

Lastly is my LinkedIn profile. Im always looking to connect with other professionals so please check it out & add me to your network.

So thats it! Take your pick and I hope you find something to inspire you.


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